Here’s how you can set a customised salary structure for your employees using Opfin. 

Once you have onboarded an employee <link to the previous guide>, their name will be visible to you under the ‘People’ tab

To set a salary structure for an employee, click on their name appearing in the list. The following screen will appear. To edit the salary structure, click on ‘Edit’ under Compensation & Perquisites

Once you click on edit, you can review the figures and change employees’ annual salary, any advance salary due, perquisites, etc.

If you wish to customise salary structure for some of your employees, select the checkbox next to 'create a custom salary structure', and then put in the various amounts under different heads.

We suggest you let Opfin decide the salary structure, so you remain fully compliant with regulations, and your employees can get the maximum possible benefits. However, you still have the option to create a custom salary structure with the help of steps as mentioned earlier.