Communication with the merchant is the best recourse to a hassle free transaction. You can also follow these tips:

  • Clearly understand the product service description before making a purchase.
  • Make sure to review the T&C, return & cancellation, refund policies on the merchant website before making a payment..
  • Wait 7-10 business days for the delivery of tangible items or services, and one business day for the - delivery of digital items (from the date of transaction) before filing a complaint.
  • Follow the seller’s instructions to return your purchase. Remember to keep a copy of your return shipping receipt.
  • Only enter details on secure sites. Look for an https connection and valid security certificates.
  • Don't enter credit card details on suspicious merchant websites as it may be a phishing attempt.
  • Keep your antivirus software and browsers up to date
  • If your item is defective and it is under warranty, you must contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
  • In case of issues related to bank processing, you should wait for 5-7 business days & check for refund status in your bank statement. In case the refund is not reflecting in your bank account then you may refer to this link to understand why do refunds take time.