1) What’s the eligibility criteria for the promotional pricing offer?

The promotional pricing is only applicable for businesses (registered or unregistered) who are signing up on Razorpay after 4 March 00:00 AM and before 30 April 11:59 PM.

2) What’s the timeframe for the promotional pricing offer?

The promotional pricing is applicable for all transactions done by your end customers between 4th March 00:00 AM till 30th April 11:59 PM. After the expiry of the promotional pricing offer, all transactions will be charged at our standard pricing plan of 2%.

3)What payment modes does the promotional pricing cover?

The payment modes covered in the promotional pricing are -

Screenshot 2020-03-03 at 2.46.15 PM

     *Some payment methods might take time to get enabled and are subjected to the approval of our wallet/banking partners.

4) What products does the promotional pricing cover?

The promotion covers transactions done via Payment Gateway, Payment Links, Payment Pages, Invoices, BharatQR, ePOS app and Subscriptions. Transactions done via Smart Collect (Bank transfers) are not included in the promotional pricing. Any transactions done under Subscriptions via Credit Card will reflect the promotional pricing during the course of the promotional offer. Standard pricing will be applied afterwards.

5) Is the offer applicable to existing / old merchants?

No, the promotional pricing is only offered to new businesses who sign up on Razorpay during the period between 4 March 00:00 AM and 30 April 11:59 PM.
However, if you are an existing merchant of Razorpay currently on our Standard pricing (2.0%), you can fill this quick survey and we will get the pricing changed for you in 1-2 working days. The other terms and conditions for the promotional pricing will apply to you as well.

6) Where can I see the updated pricing for my account?

The promotional pricing can be seen in the Razorpay Dashboard under the Reports section. Any payments reports downloaded with fees breakup will show the effective pricing in each transaction row.