Here are the steps for onboarding your new employees on Opfin. 


  1. Log in to your dashboard and click on the ‘People’ tab. 

  2. To add new employees to your payroll, select ‘Add one’. If you wish to add multiple employees, then select ‘Add many

  1. Add employees information -  Add the name, email, date of joining, etc. of your employees to start the onboarding process. Employees will receive a verification email after you fill out the information 



  1. Email verification to create employees account - Employees should verify their email addresses through the link provided on email, and set a password to their account





  1. Ask for documents from employees - Collect documents like photograph, PF account details, PAN, aadhaar card, bank account details, and income details from the previous organisation if any. This information will help you create a repository of details about employees in one place. 


  1. Employees self-tour - Your employees can access organisation documents like leave policy, holiday list, etc. on their dashboard. After logging in, employees can upload their documents like professional certificates, PAN, aadhaar, etc. provided they haven’t submitted it to you.


  1. Send reminders - If they have not uploaded documents, you can send reminders to their email IDs


The whole onboarding process on Opfin can be completed in 4 simple steps. Onboard your employees and start executing payroll seamlessly.