Here are the steps to execute your first payroll on Opfin. 

Step 1: Log in to your Opfin account 

Step 2: After you log in, your Opfin dashboard will appear. In the dashboard, you will find different tabs related to reminders, holiday list, your employee directory, etc. 

Step 3: To execute your first payroll, click on ‘Run Payroll’ tab. 

Step 4: Once you click on ‘Run Payroll’, the following screen will appear. Next, select the month you wish to process payroll for. Review your employees’ salary, make changes (if any) before finalising payroll for the desired month 

Step 5: You can make additions, deductions to your employees’ gross salary. To make those changes, click on ‘Edit’, enter details, and select ‘Done’ 

Step 6: If you do not want to process payroll for certain employees, you can click on ‘Do not pay’ under the ‘Edit Salary’ window. Also, If there's a case where you don't have to process salaries for certain employees, you can skip those employees from a particular month’s payroll 

Step 7: Once you have finalised the salary amount, click on ‘Finalize Payroll’  

Step 8: After finalisation of payroll, you can view the total payroll amount, required balance for payroll execution, and your current balance with Opfin. In case of any deficit, the software will ask you to ‘Add money to Opfin wallet’ 

If you click on the amount under ‘Payroll amount’, you can see the breakup of the payroll component such as net salary, TDS, and professional tax 

Step 9: Once all the changes have been made and money has been transferred to the Opfin wallet, click on ‘Request Execution

Please remember that finalised payroll will be automatically executed on your payroll date if you have enough balance in your account. If your payroll date has already passed, then you will need to manually request execution.