Opfin automatically handles your employee PF registration, assuming that you have Opfin configured to handle your PF payments. This configuration can be seen under Settings > Payments & Compliance Setup.

If you want to register an employee for PF, please follow these steps -

  1. If not already done, add the employee to Opfin from the People page. 
  2. Go to the employee's profile, and edit the Provident Fund, Professional Tax & ESI section. 
  3. Under PF Status, please select Opt In. Enter the UAN (if the employee already has one) and press Continue.
  4. Follow the rest of the intructions and provide the required data so that we can complete the employee registration.

After receiving your PF registration request, the PF status of the employee will change to "registration pending". Once we have registered the employee, the status will change to "enabled".