RazorpayX allocates you a ICICI Virtual account to which you can load funds to manage your balance on RazorpayX platform.

Some points to remember before the transfer is done:

1. Fund loading via IMPS from UPI apps are not supported currently

2. IFT is not available as a transfer method at the moment. Instructions given below for ICICI to ICICI transfers

3. The funds will get reflected to your balance in 1 hour

Transferring from an ICICI bank account?

Since these accounts are "Virtual Accounts", the fund transfer flow is different from general ICICI to ICICI fund transfer flows.

Follow the below instructions to add funds from your ICICI bank account to your new RazorpayX ICICI Virtual Account:

For Corporate Internet Banking:

  • Select Transfer & Bill Pay on the Left panel
  • Select Initiate Payment followed with Single Payment 
  • Select PAY TO Virtual Account and add the beneficiary details

For Individual Savings Bank User:

  • Login to your Online banking platform
  • Select Payments & Transfer and click on Fund Transfer

  • In the following screen select + Add New Payee under My Payee
  • Under Manage Payees, click on ICICI Bank Virtual Payee
  • Add your ICICI Virtual Account details in the following screen for the transfer