XPayroll computes each employee's tax liability every month to ensure that it is as accurate as possible. TDS depends on a lot of variables, some of them being -

  • Income/TDS from previous employer(s), if any.
  • Each month's earnings in the current financial year.
  • Perquisites (if any).
  • Exemptions like professional tax, HRA, flexible benefits etc.
  • Income tax deductions under different sectionsl like Section 80C, Section 24 etc.
  • Income tax regime.

XPayroll handles all of this automatically, so that you never have to handle these calculations. If for some reason you are calculating the TDS offline and it is not matching XPayroll's calculation, then that would mean that there is an issue either in the data that has been entered into XPayroll, or your calculation is incorrect. Our first and foremost recommendation would be to identify the issue, and fix it by updating the data in Xpayroll, or your own calculations.

If for some reason you absolutely have to change the TDS for an employee, we can do so. The process for the same is -

  1. Finalize your payroll for the month in which the modification has to be made.
  2. Write to us at support@opfin.com, mentioning the employee id and payroll month, and the current and new TDS values.

Do note that if you change the TDS for an employee, then XPayroll might not be able to file your TDS returns (Q4 in particular, since it requires complete details of the TDS calculation). Without the Q4 filing, we will also be unable to generate Form 16s for all your employees (not just the employee(s) for which the TDS was changed).