If you are an Opfin administrator, the first thing you should do is check the payment status. To do this, please go to Reports > Ledger, and view the report. Here you should find an entry for the salary/contractor payment that you have done through Opfin.

  1. If the entry is not there in the ledger, then that would mean that no payment has been made through Opfin.
  2. If the entry is there, please see the Status column -
    1. Pending -  The payment has not yet been completed by Opfin. 
    2. In Progress - The payment has been made, but we're waiting for confirmation from the beneficiary bank that it has been completed. There can sometimes be a delay where a particular payment gets stuck with this status. This is due to issues in the banking infrastructure, and is not in our control. Any payment stuck in this state will get an update within 48 hours.
    3. Success - Payment has been made and the bank has confirmed that it has been completed.
    4. Failed - The payment could not be completed for some reason.

If the payment status is Failed, then that could be for several reasons -

  1. The beneficiary account details are incorrect.
  2. The beneficiary bank's systems were down when the payment was attempted.
  3. There is an unknown problem somewhere in the banking system.

Whenever a payment fails, Opfin automatically sends an email to all the administrators of that organization, plus the affected employee/contractor, informing them of the fact. This email also mentions the reason for the payment failure, if it is available. Lastly, this email contains a link that can be used to retry the payment. 

If the payment status is Success, but the beneficiary has still not received funds, then please wait for up to 3 working days for the transfer to complete. This can happen rarely because of issues within the banking system, and at the end of 3 days either the funds will be received, or the payment will fail after which you can retry it.