To transfer funds to XPayroll, please click on the Update Balance link on your XPayroll dashboard. That will show you the bank account details to which you need to transfer funds from your bank. Funds can only be transferred electronically (through your bank's Internet banking portal/app), and other methods like cheque/UPI etc. are not supported.

Once you have initiated the transfers from your bank, your XPayroll balance should get updated within 30-60 minutes. XPayroll will send all account administrators an automated email once the funds reach us. Balance update can be delayed if -

  • Funds are transferred using NEFT/RTGS during non-banking hours, or on bank holidays.
  • There is an error in the bank account number/ifsc in beneficiary details.

Hence, we highly recommend that you transfer funds to XPayroll at least one day before you need to actually use the funds.

If you have transferred funds to XPayroll but your balance has not been updated

If you have transferred funds to XPayroll and your balance has not been updated (accounting for above given reasons as well), then please write to, and include the funds transfer receipt that preferably has the following details -

  • Beneficiary account details.
  • Date/time of transfer.
  • Amount transferred.
  • UTR number

Before writing to support, please ensure you wait at least 4-6 hours since there can be delays within the banking system.