XPayroll supports the following biometric devices -


Please note that we cannot support any existing device that an organization might already have. The devices listed above have very specific software capabilities which enables seamless integration with the XPayroll platform.

Once the device is received, all that is required is Internet connectivity through wifi (or wired Internet if the device is without wifi). XPayroll will ship the device with all the current employees and contractors already loaded on the device. Any new additions will automatically get pushed to the device over the air as well. Users need to be associated with their fingerprints (or faces, depending on the device), and once this is done the device will automatically push checkin/checkouts to XPayroll.  

If you would like one of these devices, please get in touch with XPayroll support and let us know which device you have chosen. We will procure the device for you at cost, and will ship it to you within 1 week.